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What We Do

Our goal is to help any individual or group to become aware of their goals, commit to them, organize all of the details and then execute. We have facilitated the My Peak Plan program for thousands of clients and hope to continue our goal of helping others become a better version of themselves while doing the same for ourselves. Blended learning includes audio, video, surveys, assessments, with specific exercises that get better results. Quickly engaging students with multimedia learning environment, includes courses, coaching, and community.


The purpose of My Peak Plan is to help you become aware of who you are, and to create, and achieve your written goals. We use concise and innovative training techniques that provide customized online training courses, memberships, and coaching for people who simply want to improve their lives.

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About the Founders


Todd Francis, Co-Founder

Todd is the Co-Founder of My Peak Plan and the author of the My Goal Plan online training course.

In my 25 years of sales experience, I have read over 100 motivational books, and completed more than a dozen goal setting training courses in my career. As a trainer, I’ve facilitated 1,000’s of goal setting training sessions and the #1 secret that I’ve learned is if a goal plan is simple, written down, and followed step by step, it (almost) always works.


Kyle Francis, Co-Founder

Kyle is an author, speaker, and Co-Founder of My Peak Plan. Kyle Has a deep understanding of data analytics, which enables him to design content, analyze and interpret metrics to maximize effectiveness and continuously provide positive results for our clients. 


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