Free Lesson - Perspective

What you get

  • Free sample of the My Peace Plan - Full course 

  • An overview of how our 6 Peak Steps work in the My Peace Plan - Full Course

  • More awareness of who you are, and exactly what you want

  • A free lesson on how to plan to have a positive perspective

  • Start by learning the #1 trait of happiness and create your own Gratitude Plan

6 Peak Steps

  • Awareness - Create a plan of who you are and what you want

  • Commitment - A promise of when to start and reach your #1 Peace Goal

  •  Attitude - Understand the reasons why you want to reach your goal

  • Network - Create a team of positive people who can and want to support you

  • Organization - How to arrange your action items in the correct order for best results

  • Execution - How to execute your specific plan of action to maximize your success


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